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Chiropractic around the world

Feb 08 2017

Presented by Dr. Larry Formanek | Knoxville Chiropractic Clinic Jan 31, 2017

According to the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), the practice of chiropractic is now recognized and regulated in about 40 countries around the world. As chiropractic research, education and licensing standards continue to improve, chiropractic will reach more people in more places with its message of natural health and healing.

Chiropractic in Canada and the USA

There are approximately 8,000 chiropractors in Canada and 65,000 chiropractors in the United States, chiropractors are considered primary care providers and musculoskeletal health experts and chiropractic is a highly regulated profession. Chiropractic is now one of the largest healthcare professions in North America.

According to the WFC, chiropractic services in the United States are now available in the military and veterans’ administration hospitals and health care systems. The U.S. Department of Labor notes that employment of chiropractors is expected to jump by 28 percent between 2010 and 2020 as an increasing number of people become interested in natural, non-surgical treatment approaches.

Canadian and American chiropractors diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments and have the authority to order lab and imaging studies, if required. The scope of practice among chiropractors in these two countries varies from state to state and province to province. Most jurisdictions, however, allow chiropractors the right to use common diagnostic methods, refer patients to the appropriate specialists and co-manage a patient’s health with another healthcare provider. Many chiropractors in Canada and the United States can offer the following therapies in addition to spinal manipulation: soft tissue work, rehabilitative exercises, physio therapy modalities and nutritional lifestyle counseling.

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